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General Contractors

General contractors are individual contractors or companies that are responsible for overseeing the entire construction project. Hiring a general contractor will help elevate a great deal of stress and frustration for the client as it is the general contractors duty to take care of all aspects of the project from start to finish!

The main duties of the general contractor include, but are not limited to, bidding on and obtaining a job contract, providing all job materials, hiring labor, and obtaining the necessary equipment to complete the project. Often times, the general contractor will also be in charge of subcontracting out specialized services like electrical work, plumbing, and various mechanical work. Larger general contracting companies used for commercial jobs will most often already have contractors in all those fields included in their staff so that they are able to cover all aspects of the job internally.

The general contractor not only oversees the project in its entirety but they also take on the responsibility of timely completeness as well as overall quality of the work. They also are required to deal with any complication that arise during construction and are expected to resolve the issues in a timely and professional matter.


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